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Decode the Globe Series (36 titles)

Decode the Globe Series (36 titles)

  • Author:Kong Qingyou
  • Publisher:Shandong Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd.
  • Publiction Date:2016.06
  • Size:185*240 mm
  • Retail Price:RMB¥1280.00
  • Pages:4648
  • ISBN:978-7-5331-8862-7

    Decode the Globe Series has 36 titles. It includes all aspects from the earth: geology, geohistory,paleontology, landform and mineral resources, etc. All these 36 titles are findings and achievements of experts in and abroad. This series give a good explanation of the doubts and facts: what, why, where, relations with humans etc.
    Decode the Globe Series is divided into geological, geological and mineral three series, a total of 36 volumes. Each group is widely used to discover the geology at home and abroad. Based on the theory of earth science, it is aimed to solve the problem with geological phenomena and facts. The structure of the series is complete, focused, illustrated, easy to understand. Through the description of geological phenomena readers could know the knowledge, and through the interpretation of the theory of earth science readers could learn why. This series is suitable for the majority of readers to read. Decode the Globe Series is listed as " the 13th Five-Year Plan " key book publishing planning project. Academician Li Tingdong and Zhai Yusheng inscribed for the series, saying this outstanding series is to spread the geography knowledge, enhance the scientific quality. This series is marked in 2016 by the Ministry of Science and Technology as "national outstanding science works", by the Ministry of Land and Resources as "excellent land and resources science books" and by Shandong Province, the National Science Quality Working Group as "Shandong Province universal science education" recommended books.

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